Sally Saint

To show the absolute potential for healing with art; the cathartic & expressive experience of art is second to none.

I live in Monmouth, work from home and love every minute of it. The area is full of beauty and inspires me every day.

I have drawn for as long as I remember, it was my best friend, my space to express and I have loved it from day one.

The natural world is one of my gretest allies when it comes to creating. How can it not. It changes, it grows, it lets go, it is in a constant state of movement.

My work now is healing art/ energy art. I allow the space and the paper/canvas becomes the representation of that which is around and within me. I do not intend to create something, it appears.

My greatest tool is actually my fingers, I love to totally connect with the piece and when I use my fingers there is no separation from it.

It is so important to work with others and I am blessed to be part of Made In Monmouthshire

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Sally Saint
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