Vivien Bowman Pet Portraits

Commissioned portraits of your favourite pets, horses, homes, landscapes, castles and botanics in any medium. Working from photographs supplied by you.

Vivien is a water colourist; she was born in Lancashire and her early influences in painting and drawing were the rocks of the Pennines. She moved to Chepstow in 2000 and now takes inspiration from animals of all shapes and sizes. Commissions have included pets,horses, Raglan Castle, a herd of Herefordshire cattle and country homes.

The ponies are an example of the use of pen and watercolour. They were worked from a photograph to show the delicacy of the geldings' colours and the relationship between the two animals.This commission was completed within a week and has been reproduced onto cards for the client.

This lurcher, Lucy,was completed in pencil and ink which is a good combination of media to use when the subject has fine musculature and subtle-toned fur. All works can be delivered framed or simply mounted to the customer's specification.Prints or cards can be made of all works.

Vivien's more recent artwork has expanded to include the historic buildings of Monmouthshire and the fungi and wildlife to be found in the woods of the lower reaches of the Wye Valley. Ruined buildings, rusty boats and agricultural machinery are all part of the artist's portfolio.

I like the way that sky and land merge and I try to capture the linkage as with this painting of Offa's Dyke; snow both covers form and reveals ancient structures that we may not normally notice.The play of light on snow also affects the colours and shapes within a landscape.

My work is available at:
"Creative Chepstow, " White Lion Sq. Chepstow,
Swan Court Studios, Monmouth-01600 719756,
Brockweir Shop, Hewesfield- 01291 659995
HAPPA, Brockweir-079201286494
Gower's Cafe Delights,Symons Yat 07875697845

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News and Special Offers

During 2012, see me at:
Mackenzie Hall Christmas Fayre, Brockweir 17th-18th Nov.
Usk Winter Fair,1st-2nd Dec.

In 2013,see me at:
Abergavenny Annual Shire Horse Show- 27th July ,
Chepstow Agric Show-10th August,
Monmouth Agric Show-date to be determined,

I have an Exhibition of landscapes at Brockweir Village Shop,from 18th March-29th April.

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Vivien Bowman Pet Portraits
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